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 Men that come to the Adam Center find that the group and studies held for those that want additional support as they walk out their journey to wholeness have been helpful and gives them a great sense of strength between counseling sessions or a better way to address stressors after they have received the freedoms for which they came to the Adam Center initially.

The journey through life brings many choices and will have many consequences that will turn out good or not so good.  When a man goes do a road less traveled or through a door that shouldn't have been opened and the situation he now finds himself in is one he wishes he had some help or someone that could join him in some guidance or mentoring.  Groups, studies and other gatherings for men are just some of the ways the Adam Center looks to provide answers to assist those that seek these types of forums for a resolutions to their life journeys. 

Groups & Studies

The Adam Center offers both Topical BOOK STUDIES and Recovery GROUPS to help women grow in emotional, relational, and Spiritual health.  Our Groups and Studies begin two time a year: Mid February and Mid September.  

Though our Book Studies vary in topic, listed below are some common titles offered:

Battlefield of the mindBattlefield of the mind

Creating a LegacyCreating a LegacyThe Difference a Father MakesThe Difference a Father Makes 






Which one of these areas are you wanting to improve in or struggling with life's questions in these?


The mind is the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons.  If one or more of these elements is unbalanced for one reason or another, then many different situations arise of which the Adam Center has groups and studies that can assist getting ones right thinking back in line.


If you are struggling emotionally, then there are groups and studies available that help address emotional heart matter that can get you down.


The spiritual principle of human beings. The soul is the subject of human consciousness and freedom; soul and body together form one unique human nature.  Welcome to an area that most all people struggle with a healthy soul.  What is a soul full of healthiness?  Join one of our groups or studies that address some of those questions with real and practical answers.


When one thinks of the strength of a man, one might look at how much he can lift, how much he can push or how tough he can play.  There has even been times where it has been said that, he's a tough guy, he doesn't cry about this or that.  The true strength of a man is actually part of this but there is so much more that just being tough.  Come join us in a group or study that addresses areas of a man's life that doesn't require toughness.

Call us today at, 513-729-7008, to learn more about what is being offered and our upcoming calendar of our groups or studies.

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